All About Boysenberry

Latin name : Rubus ursinus

In the late 1920’s, George M. Darrow and Walter Knott began a discovery for a new berry. On hearing that Californian farmer Rudolph Boysen had been experimenting with developing a new berry, Knotts and Darrow headed out to his now abandoned farm. On arriving at the farm, Knotts and Darrow found several surviving frail vines. Nurturing the fruit back to health, Knotts began to commercially cultivate the new berry.

The large berry is a cross between the European raspberry, common blackberry and loganberry. Processed the fruit is now a popular ingredient in preserves, jams and pies.

Fruit fact...

The boysenberry fruit changes colour when it is cooked.

Times of harvest

Northern Hemisphere

July, August

Southern Hemisphere

January, February, March

Significant countries of origin

U.S.A., North Europe, Chile, Australia, New Zealand.