All About Grape

Latin name : Vitis vinifera L/ Vitis labrusca L

The grape is non-climacteric meaning that it does not ripen once it has been harvested and grows in clusters of fifteen to three hundred. Available in a number of different varieties and colours the fruit comes in an array of colours.

The grape also has very high levels natural occurring sugar and due to this de-ionised grape juice is often used as a natural sweetener.

The grape is most commonly commercially cultivated for the production of wine; however grapes are often used for producing jam, jelly, vinegar and grape seed oil.

Fruit fact...

The discovery of yeast on the skins of grapes, led to the innovation of red and white wine.

Times of harvest

Northern Hemisphere

September, October, November

Southern Hemisphere

February, March, April, May, June

Significant countries of origin

Italy, China, U.S.A., France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa