All About Rhubarb

Latin name : Rheum rhabarbarum

The rhubarb only became an article of food in the 17th Century. Now eaten globally the rhubarb's long fleshy stalks are used to make crumbles, jams and cooking sauces.

Though there are many varieties of rhubarb, the fruit is categorised in two types, hot house and field grown. The development of hot house production means that rhubarb is readily available all year round.

Fruit fact...

Initially the rhubarb was categorised as a vegetable. It was announced as a fruit in 1947 by an American court who decided to re-categorize it for the ‘purpose of regulation and duties'.

Times of harvest

Northern Hemisphere

April, July, October

Significant countries of origin

China, U.S.A., Poland, Germany