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Cobell Case Studies


As winners of the 'Favourite soft drink' category in Good Housekeeping's Food Awards, Bottlegreen's brand is synonymous with quality and, according to Ed Wright, the quality of ingredients sourced for them by Cobell's team is a true reflection of their high-end needs.

Ed explains, Our company is quality focused, rather than price driven. And, as with everything, Cobell appreciates that. They therefore only source top quality ingredients for us, in the knowledge that a price premium won't be an issue because quality is key.

Established for over 18 years, Cotswolds-based company Bottlegreen has been working with Cobell since its inception. Bottlegreen looked to the fruit ingredients supplier for a much more efficient supply chain than they'd had before. And, according to Ed Wright, the supply proved to be exceptionally better, as did the options that accompanied it.

Basically, from the moment we started working with Cobell, a partnership was formed. We felt able to discuss the best packaging options, the best quantities, timing of deliveries etc.. all geared towards creating an efficient and effective service for us. In fact, we recently had a meeting where we discussed the types of fruit ingredients we'd like them to have on standby for us.

Ed continues, Customer service like this is hard to beat and they'll even hold stock in their warehouses for Bottlegreen to save us paying storage fees. We cannot fault their service levels and that is why they supply a large majority of the fruit we use in our drinks.

With Bottlegreen producing a wide range of cordials and presses, Cobell supplies fruit ingredients for drinks such as Spiced Berry Cordial, Aromatic Sweet Lime Cordial, Dandelion & Burdock Cordial and Cranberry & Acai Presse. And, Bottlegreen has recently launched the hugely popular Coxes Apple Juice Presse which also key ingredients from Cobell.


Bramley & Gage

Located in Gloucestershire, Bramley & Gage was established in 1987 and manufactures Sloe Gin and Fruit Liquers. Managing Director, Edward Kain first contacted Cobell ten years ago when he was having difficulty locating Sloes. So impressed with Cobell's efforts to source a supplier of this particular fruit and to supply it in the necessary quantities, he has worked with them ever since.

Bramley & Gage offers a range of over 13 flavours of fruit liquers and ingredients supplied by Cobell include frozen Sloes, Raspberries, Cherries & Damsons and Organic Sugar. Plus, in 2004 Bramley & Gage scooped the prestigious 'Taste of the West' supreme Champion Award from over 900 entrants for its Sloe Gin.

Nick Sprague, Managing Director of Cobell comments;

"Bramley & Gage produces high quality products, which is reflected in them winning the Taste of the West award. I'm thoroughly delighted that they have been with us since we first set up the company. We've worked closely with them for years now and are more than happy to continue to source, supply and package the exact fruit they require in the quantity they need."

Concluding that the efficiency of Cobell's supply has also ensured the steady growth of his business, Edward Kain enthuses;

Concluding that the efficiency of Cobell's supply has also ensured the steady growth of his business, Edward Kain enthuses; "Through their efficient service and fantastic abilities to source more unusual ingredients they have also helped us to grow our business too. By ensuring that our supply chain is of the highest quality, I've no doubt that Cobell's professionalism has impacted positively on our business. "