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Monday 27 FebruaryCaroline Whitehead

Proving ourselves in Bakery...

Proving ourselves in the bakery market with fruit flavours


We’re moving into the bakery market thanks to the latest trend to experiment with new fruit flavours in products.

From our work with clients in the sector, our team has found there is an increasing demand for processed fruit products for a number of bakery items.

We’ve found the bakery market as a whole is shifting away from the traditional. Today’s consumers are not only making healthier purchase decisions but more experimental ones too.

We supply everything from carrot puree for carrot cake, fruit juice concentrates for natural baking to new fruit combinations for the very latest baking treats to hit the bakery and supermarket shelves.

Whatever their fruit ingredient requirements and whatever the quantity they need is, we make sure our customers get the right solution for their baking needs and we’ve got a team of experts happy to help with the development of any new products too.

We’re one of the largest purveyors in the UK of processed fruit and vegetable juices to businesses of all sizes from artisan producers to large food and drink corporations and are also a major provider throughout Europe.  


We trade in more than 370 processed fruit and vegetable ingredients and products for the food and drink industry such as fruit juices, concentrates, purees and natural flavours and colours. 


We supply numerous markets including beverages, baking and patisserie, ice creams and sorbets, condiments, confectionary, fruit wines, preserves, smoothies, ciders and fruit beers, cooking sauces, soups, ready meals, desserts and yoghurts.


For further details about how we can help you with your bakery product, please call us on +44 (0)1392 825400.