Elderflower Infusion

Elderflower infusion is typically available at 40 - 65°Brix.

Elderflower infusion is popular a popular ingredient in various soft drinks, cordials and other foodstuffs.

Elderflowers do not readily lend themselves to direct addition to recipes as it is unappealing to have bits of flowers floating in liquid products, and in this form the flavour would not readily disperse evenly throughout the whole product. They also have limited liquid content that could be extracted by pressing or squeezing as one would generally do with a fruit.

Elderflower infusions are therefore produced by soaking the flowers in, for example, a sugar solution. This draws the natural flavouring compounds out of the flowers, which may then be sieved out to leave a liquid with the characteristic flavour and aroma of Elderflowers. This can then be used in a similar manner to a more standard fruit juice concentrate.

Elderflower infusion is generally packaged frozen or aseptically, however please contact us if you have any special requirements.


Product specifications

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