Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple juice concentrate is typically available as a clarified concentrate at 68.0 - 71.0°Brix.

The juice concentrate is processed to remove a defined proportion of the natural water content found in the fruit and produce a concentrated product which is smaller in volume. This can greatly reduce the costs required for transportation and the concentrate can, if required, be returned to its single-strength state by reconstituting with water once it reaches the final processing destination.

Depending on the variety of the apple, where the apple is grown and how much sunshine the apple is exposed to, the acidity level of the processed product will vary. Choosing either a low, medium or high acidity apple product will affect how it works with your other ingredients and will depend on the flavour profile of your end product.

Cobell typically supply apple juice concentrate frozen, chilled, aseptically or in bulk however please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Apple juice concentrate is measured on a standard rate of 70°Brix, with acid percentages measured against this to determine sweetness. The higher the acidity of the apple juice, the less sweet it is. Generally acid levels are classified as the following:

Low Acidity - Below 2%
Medium Acidity - 2- 3%
High Acidity - Above 3%

Cloudy apple juice concentrate
Cloudy apple juice concentrate is generally available in 40 - 55°Brix form and is known as richer juice with a more natural flavour. The juice is cloudy as a result of evenly-spread small pulp fragments.

De-ionised apple juice concentrate
De-ionised apple juice concentrate is available at 70°Brix. De-ionised juice is processed to remove most of the naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and flavourings. The de-ionised product is then often used by manufacturers to naturally sweeten products.

For more information about fruit juice concentrates and how they are processed please click here.


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Cobell work closely with our customers to make sure you end up with exactly the right ingredient for your product needs.

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