Cooking Sauces and Soups

Cooking Sauces and Soups

With soup and cooking sauce sales soaring, manufacturers continue to extend their brands by developing original flavours to incorporate new ingredients and textures.

Research indicates that three quarters of consumers are using cooking sauces as a healthy, cheap alternative to take-aways. This indicates that health continues to be an important consideration for consumers in this market and brands are responding by creating healthier options for today's modern consumer.

Cobell also note that recent trends within this market are encouraging many manufacturers to move away from using certain additives and process aids. For example many customers are now using lemon or lime juice concentrates to replace citric acid and enable labels to be simplified.

Cobell expect this competitive market to experiment with product development to continue to thrive and succeed. Understanding how fruit can be utilised to create authentic, high quality products, Cobell's specialist sales team can source the fruit you want, in any format you need and supply it in almost any pack size.

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